“Zapravka” is an open community of travelers and the well established businesses who not only want to take us all, fill us up, get us drunk, feed us and give us shelter - but also really want to do it so well that we always remain satisfied with services and goods and are happy to buy and consume them again and again!
We hope that sellers and suppliers give us honest and interesting cashback for our trust, and the earned cashback we spend to get gifts that are really interesting to us, to get discounts on goods and services and receive special offers! We would like to note especially - we earn the cashback, which does not burn out and which we can share with our friends or family!
We believe that for our convenience and safety, our mobile phone number is enough to be recognized everywhere as family :) - without any boring registration, filling out hundreds of questionnaires, collecting million of plastic cards in our wallets and similar hassle.
Our main rule is no rules! We do not have a single bonus, "anchor" businesses, etc. Our everything is the freedom of businesses to gather in any groups "on the road", issue their fuel and gift cards, count their cashback, assign gifts, discounts and rules for serving their customers. The only thing we have in common is the data security of travelers, employees and businesses and support and assistance to everyone 24 hours a day! To demonstrate the technology of our freedom, here are the showcases of a group of businesses invented by us, which united: a gas station, a store, a car wash, a cafe, a hotel and a car service. Click on their storefronts and visit them right now!
Directory of businesses where we are always welcome! We are working hard on this and in the foreseeable future we will gather all our friends together! If you have original ideas about what our catalog "Zapravka 2121" should be - we will be glad to learn about them!
Do you want to learn more or are you ready to join us ?
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Do you want to learn more or are you ready to join us ?
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